The Sacred Prostitute Returns

Lola Medicine Keeper, Sacred Prostitute
Drug addiction, Burning Man, Toxic relationships, Health coaches, Personal trainers, Lifestyle branding, Morning coffee, Morning wood, Facebook, Sexting, Texting, SnapChatting, Podcasting, Prostitution…

Seem like a few of these things shouldn’t bump elbows in the same list?

They all have something in common… Read on.

There’s a new-old adage in life/business that says people only pay for three things:

  • Getting laid
  • Getting paid
  • Not dying

Think about how much of the marketing and messaging you see as a “consumer” is directed to solving these three “issues”.

Smoothies photo cc by Ida Myrvold
Laptop liberation.
Photograph cc by Tina Franklin via Flickr.
Nearly every ad, every drug, every experience, and every marketer promises freedom through their offering… Come here! This [whoozy-whatsit] is the key! Look at me! Psst, over here! I’ve got what you want…

Bright eyed luminous-looking women promise location-independent lifestyles like trench coated drug dealers.

You’ll no doubt try to find liberation somewhere in the list above, for better or worse.
But, when one of these or myriad other shiny plastic fixes leaves you hungry… you’ll just search for the next, better, potentially more spiritual possibility… ever hungry.

What does your appetite really crave?

Here are a few hints.

It isn’t food.
It isn’t porn.
It isn’t sex.
It isn’t millions.
It isn’t thigh gaps.
It isn’t perfect teeth or perfect abs.
It isn’t ascension.
It isn’t location independence.
It isn’t high vibe green drinks.

Smoothies photo cc by Ida Myrvold
Smoothies will save the world.
Photograph by Ida Myrvold via Flickr.
There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these things. But we are being peddled peonic wares that promise the Moon as if [it, they, She] are available any other way than…



Specifically, human connection.

And, of course, that is the one thing many of us resist and resent paying for the most.

Ugh. People who pay for sex are desperate, dirty, and disgusting.
I shouldn’t have to pay someone to listen to me.
I don’t pay for friendship.
Ceremony should be free.

No, in our holier-high-viber-than-thouness, most of us go undercover with how we allow ourselves to invest in connection.

I’ll let myself feel human as I sip this latte.
I will go to a festival, saturate myself with LSD, and call it “ceremony”.
Gotta re-up my pain pills.
I deserve this glass of wine.
My money coach and I are talking on Thursday.
I can’t wait for my massage.

These are culturally (or subculturally) acceptable.

They are totally fine and wonderful to take part in if that’s your thang. But, underneath it all we are each looking for the same thing from these experiences.

We are all whores AND johns.

In fact, I am a prostitute.

But what I’m selling is not a candy-coated-hopefully-condom-wrapped-six-minute substitute for real connection. The difference is, I OWN what I’m purveying… and more than that… it actually WORKS. Because it is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nooooo, my sex is not on the market.

But, you know what is? And what I am proud of the most?

My heart is for sale.

I open the doors of my heart to my clients… and in turn, they return to love.
Those who are ready for real medicine, bittersweet as it may be, are welcomed into this temple of connection I call “work”.


How dare I put myself and my love for sale? How dare I shamelessly offer what we all truly crave? How can I not paint it as something a little more… palatable?

Because I am a living, breathing embodiment of a tens-of-thousands of years old lineage of priestessing, shamanism, and healing.

Palatable’s time has passed.

Union is everything, my beloveds.

AND it isn’t SEXUAL union that I’m talking about.

It is in the way caffeine binds with your adenosine receptors.
It’s in the dilation of pupils in darkness.
It’s in bees dancing on stamens.
It’s in the swirling mass of energy that makes your desk, your femur, your windshield, and your lack feel so impenetrably solid.

In essence, I am a sexual priestess without the sex…

ANY quality life coach, spiritual mentor, or leader is a purveyor of (re)Union… Connection IS the liberation. But SO MANY (mostly male) “gurus” have gotten this oh-so-terribly wrong.

I choose to embody the ESSENCE of sacred marriage. My clients are soul-mates… And, they appear when they are ready to hear this question:

What happens when you snip every single thread of shame that enslaves you?

The human desire to connect is one of the most heart-stoppingly gorgeous, humbling, REAL things I’ve ever had the honor to witness, midwife, and affirm. Add to that the erasure of shame and shamanic connection to the Sacred In All Things? Yes, more please.

Shame does not exist in my world.

Being a role model of living shamelessly and HeartFULL is WHY I am here.

Because the humongous hole in our collective human heart keeps me awake at night.

Hungry hearts are running for president.
They are sitting in jail for murder.
They are next in line at divorce court.
They are getting a third college degree.
They are exploring outer space.
They are ignoring inner space.
They are killing trophy lions and boasting over cigars.
Hungry hearts are giving too much away for free.
They are spending money on bullshit.
They are nipping and tucking and pinching and plucking.
They are forgetting where our air comes from.
They are chopping trees.
They are raping, beheading, suppressing, medicating, meditating.
They are all

Here’s something you’ve likely heard before. But try today to let it percolate deeper:

What if there is no “they”? What if “they” are you?

What if the wars that rage “out there” are bitter reflections of the warring inside you?
Do you wake up at night in front of the fridge, eating leftovers?
Are you ashamed of your past?
Did you have no friends growing up?
Were you a bully? Bullied?
Are you lost, confused, and angry as fuck?
Did you break up with your family and (shhhh) feel like dancing?
Do you feel like an alien here?

Or. Perhaps even more difficult than those…

Are you beautiful?
Are you powerful?
Are you gifted?
Is your relationship… fine? And you feel like an asshole because you want more?
Are you clinging to a dream that you know is too small?
Do you hear voices, talk to guides, and have more empathy than you know how to handle?

How dare you be meant for greatness.

It is hard (nearly impossible) to see these things shamelessly and blamelessly, to honor and embrace them, and become an AlcheMystic on your own. It takes a team to bring war to an end, both inside and out.

The fallout in real-life-material-reality when you choose to COME HOME to yourself can be as downright depressing, scary, and lonely as it is ecstatic. Releasing your shame can liberate your psychic senses and intuition at the same time as things around you seem to fall apart.

Capacity for holding paradox must be nurtured. Shadows must be coaxed out and transmuted. You must see that you can still stand tall, that you can love and be loved better than you ever have before.

Yes. It is up to you to light the match to all that isn’t YOU and unshackle yourself.
It is up to you to make yourself safe to be free.

But even energy needs to be plugged-in to turn on a light.

It takes (at least) two, baby.

Commitment: an unsexy word that is possibly the most tantric of all concepts.

Commitment is KEY to my work making an impact.

We choose to be here for each other, in cosmic, earthy, messy, beautiful, sacred union. I show up and you show up. To be mirrors. To rewire our programs and upgrade our software (the hardware will catch up soon enough). To step into a revolution that looks like nothing we’ve ever seen. To walk into the ancient-future of human wisdom that’s racing through our DNA strands like an SOS call.

You don’t need me. You can work with anyone who resonates; it doesn’t matter to me if I am “the one” for you. Your path is your path. If your soul resonates with my beacon and frequency, then we shall play and dance with freedom. If not, no harm, no foul. There are many others in sacred service.

(An aside: freedom isn’t a destination. You will not wake up one day, turn to your spouse, and say, “Honey! I’ve finally done it! I am now completely FREE!”)

I think they call that place death.

So, we aren’t going anywhere, you and I… Instead, we will become practiced travelers.

Who am I?

I am an alchemist of disconnection to immersion, an ageless shaman, a healer, an artist, a teacher, a wife, a mother, and a proud flame carrier of the sexual priestess lineage. Connection (to yourself, to me, to all that is sacred) is the only thing I offer. Connection is the only thing that matters.

My clients will attest that the love which pours through me is one of the most potent forces for change in their universe.


Because I see you.
I love you. Yes… you.

So… who are you?

You are sacred being with skin and bones, a heart with legs that’s wired to see, speak, connect, and be free…

Free to create whatever the fuck you want from your life.

Free to be present and receive satisfaction from those purchases, that relationship, those friendships, your spiritual path, your medicine, your stories, your essential BEINGness.

It can even look like all those shiny objects—the hardware—you once bought in hopes that the system would then automatically update. I don’t judge what you do with your inherent freedom, because:

  • Open hearts don’t do damage.
  • Liberated souls re-member interconnectedness.
  • Guilt-free compassion comes easy to the free ones.

Personal responsibility is a garden we shall cultivate together.

There are no automatic updates. Ya gotta at least press install.

Can you imagine how different your world would look if you could see it all through your heart?
Can you imagine the magic that is possible for you? That is right here… waiting for you?

You are a visionary. You are stardust. You are as important as oxygen.

Are you ready to remember that?


It’s not a catchphrase.
It’s a revolution. It always was.

Stand up and rise, wild human.

Come into my heart.
Welcome back home.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, perhaps you would value a more intimate connection to support your awakening. I encourage you to Inquire about my Soul + Spirit Mentoring process.

xo, Lola



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