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Lola’s expertise, unique perspective, magnetic personality, alluring style, and fluid communication makes her a frequently-requested speaker for events and podcasts in the spirituality, motherhood, sexuality,  entrepreneurship, healing, and creativity markets. In addition to her own show and ongoing offerings, she is also frequently tapped as a guest facilitator for others’ programs and retreats.

She has written for Medium, Social Media Examiner, ProBlogger, and Elephant Journal, among others and was an audience-selection speaker at World Domination Summit.

Podcast Love

Lola is one of those people whose heart translates well across the internet via her site and her writing.

But hearing her speak on her podcast is a special kind of magic. I got shivers as I listened to several episodes while driving. I felt so much resonance.

The other thing I love about her speaking is there is so much sincerity. No icky pressure for anything. You truly hear spaciousness and abundance with her.

So good. And such a deep dive into the shadowy things we keep in our heart.

— Miz_kitty

Client Love

“I appreciate Lola’s energy and approach to working with we empathetic folk.

When Lola referred to an empath’s boundaries as “permeable”, I was like, “YAS QUEEN preach it!” because I, too, have used that metaphor to describe boundaries, and what it’s like to be a sensitive being that gets drained and taken advantage of.

It feels good to be seen, heard, understood.”

— Karen Vanek

Lola is interested in speaking and writing about:

  • Energy healing, the placebo effect, and how our brains can help (or get in the way of) wellness
  • The Empath’s nervous system and how to harness it to create better boundaries
  • The “practice marriage” phenomenon (AKA our first marriages); why divorce IS “until death do we part” and how to deconstruct the guilt around starting over again
  • How to become a recovering people pleaser
  • How ancestry and culture inform one’s sense of purpose
  • Earth-based spirituality and reclaiming European Indigenous Knowledge
  • The power and healing powers of herbs and fungi
  • Tarot, divination, and magic for muggles
lola pickett empath motivational speaker

Through her courses and programs, Lola Pickett empowers empaths to rewire their brains, bodies, and behavior so they can create lasting success & happiness. She is the published author of the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot and founder of EMPATH*ology™—her outrageously popular 10-week online course.

Her offerings blend cutting-edge neuroscience with trauma healing AND playful adventure to create powerful and lasting results. When not facilitating transformational work, you’ll find Lola on a hike, wildcrafting medicines, and loving up on her husband and kids in the mountains north of San Diego, California.

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