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Lola’s expertise, unique perspective, magnetic personality, alluring style, and fluid communication makes her a frequently-requested speaker for events and podcasts in the spirituality, motherhood, sexuality,  entrepreneurship, healing, and creativity markets. In addition to her own show and ongoing offerings, she is also frequently tapped as a guest facilitator for others’ programs and retreats.

She has written for Medium, Social Media Examiner, ProBlogger, and Elephant Journal, among others and was an audience-selection speaker at World Domination Summit.

“I’ve listened to many podcasts since the dawn of iTunes. This is the only one I have gone through every episode and actually wait in anticipation for the next one. Real and truthful healthy medicine. The only side effects are piece of mind and peace of mind.”

—listener BrettG_1973 on Lola’s popular “This Wild Life” podcast

Lola is interested in speaking and writing about:

  • How ancestry and culture inform one’s sense of purpose
  • Earth-based spirituality and reclaiming European Indigenous Knowledge
  • Energy healing, the placebo effect, and how our brains get in the way or wellness
  • The power of microdosing herbs and fungi
  • The “practice marriage” phenomenon (AKA our first marriages); why divorce IS “until death do we part” and how to deconstruct the guilt around starting over again
  • The seven phases of reinvention (and how to tell what phase you’re in)
  • The Reinvention Archetypes™ and how they help you make lasting changes
  • The three things you can do to reclaim your power and (finally) change your life
  • Tarot, divination, and magic for muggles

Lola Pickett brings holistic healing, ritual, and soul work into the world of high-performance leadership. She is the host of the forthcoming Freedom of Being podcast, co-creator of the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot, and founder of the Reinvention Engine™ – a 9-week online chrysalis for identity reclamation.

Her bespoke one-on-one programs often include edge-walking adventures, style magic, herbal support, and ancestral ceremony.

When not facilitating transformational work, you’ll find Lola on a hike, crafting herbal medicines, and loving up on her husband and kids.

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Your presence inspires me... as do the words that you share on your podcast, your website, all the different touch points you choose to reach others with. It has allowed me to start weaving the narrative of what I desire to create. Your courage gives me courage. Your vibration dances with mine. Your work still carries me forward with its potency. This is excellence.