My Story

Hi, I’m Lola. I know that being yourself is the key to making magic in your life.

And… it wasn’t always natural to be “me”.

I didn’t used to be confident, powerful, and self-expressed.

Since childhood, I’ve carried a deep knowing that who I was on the inside did NOT match the identity given to me. I was four years old when I tried to change my name for the first time (to “Sierra Sarah”).

[If I’m her, maybe I’ll be more adventurous.]

By the time I turned 30, I’d gone through countless shifts in identity; trying on new names, shifting careers, moving to new areas… all based on who I thought I wanted to become. At some level, I’d convinced myself that——by wearing those clothes, or taking that name, or living there——I’d finally find alignment, joy, and peace.

[Even though I knew better.]

You can imagine how this constant upheaval affected my performance in life. In spite of having ALL the skills, gifts, and graces I was blessed with (which are many), I felt stagnant in my career. I stayed too long in a relationship I knew wasn’t right for me… I couldn’t see how to leave.

[How do you “share” custody of a golden retriever?]

I had no idea how to proceed. I couldn’t understand why my “good on paper” life left me feeling empty, apathetic, and even questioning my sexuality. I wondered what was wrong with me. Why wasn’t I fulfilled? (Especially given that I had so many privileges and a far better life than most!)

After a year-long experiment in finding joy (which I documented on my first, now defunct, blog), I had a tough realization:

I had built someone else’s dream life.

And, I didn’t even know who I was. By this time, I’d had my son, and he was my wake up call.

[I can’t tell him his dreams can come true, if I don’t even know what mine are; much less believe in them.]

In the years since, I’ve systematically and soulfully changed my entire life.

It began with ending my practice marriage, which led me on an incredible transformation journey — from the deepest recesses of my heart to far-flung amazonian jungles. (I didn’t need to be Sierra Sarah to be brave? Who knew?).

I found (and married) my one-in-eight-billion, created a wildly successful transformational coaching business (now in my eighth full-time year), and am truly, madly, deeply happy. At last.

[And it’s not because of what I have or do; it’s who I’ve become that’s set me free.] 

I know my soul, and She is beautiful.
I see my dreams, and I believe in them.
I am utterly in love, and it’s real and lasting.

I’ve guided hundreds of kindred souls
on their own journeys to find, honor, and build
a life around their truest selves.

You won’t come here to replicate what I’ve done (though you may see familiar patterns in my story). My work will help you shed the identities and patterns holding you back and step into your most empowered, centered, creative, courageous, in integrity self. This is completely unique to YOU.

[For real, with no bullshit or new age fluff.]

Imagine absolute freedom of being.

If your life “checks all the boxes”, but you KNOW something big is missing from it (like… THE REAL YOU), then it’s time we connect. Together, we can go on an ancestral scavenger hunt in Europe, travel to the Peruvian Rainforest, or even shift your energy right from your own living room.

Come explore my current adventures in transformation HERE.

Laugh, cry, and learn with Lola each week:

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