Interested in Featuring Lola?

Wonderful! Lola’s expertise, unique perspective, magnetic personality, alluring style, and fluid communication makes her a frequently-requested speaker for events and podcasts in the spirituality, motherhood, sexuality,  entrepreneurship, healing, and creativity markets.

In addition to her own podcast and ongoing offerings, she is also frequently tapped as a guest facilitator for others’ programs and retreats.

Before filling out our interview request form, these are events Lola will NOT participate in:

  • Summits or panels with a sea of mostly cis/hetero/white faces and perspectives (please offer my space to someone from the LGBTQI/BBIPoC communities)
  • Summits or events that require my email list to be a certain size (see below)
  • Summits or events that require solo emails to be sent

My email list is a temple space and I’m very selective about the messages I send out. When we produce magical content together, I’ll be happy to blast it out as part of my monthly Resilience Roundup.

Moreover, while my list is equivalent to a mid-size town, I don’t regard my folks as a statistic and won’t have my list treated like a commodity. Every person there matters, period, whether there are 100 or 100,000 present. Either you value my message for your audience or you don’t. 

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Lola's Social Spaces

Still with me? Great! Let’s connect.

Please reach out below and I’ll respond within 48 hours on a weekday if your opportunity is a good fit.

Lola loves speaking & writing about:

Empaths 101

Going beyond the typical google search results, this conversation highlights some of the lesser known “side effects” of being an empath; including perfectionism, procrastination, and people-pleasing. Lola’s coined the phrase Empath Stress Disorder to offer context and tools for these and other common challenges that sensitive folx face.

Nervous System Resilience

Without a resilient nervous system, it’s impossible to live your purpose. An empowering and powerful topic—especially for audiences that include conscious parents, entrepreneurs, and leaders—Lola explains clearly and simply what resilience is, why it’s the missing link in most people’s personal development, and how to develop it for oneself.

Sensitivity & Success

Wouldn’t you agree that our world would benefit from more sensitive leaders? But, many highly sensitive people have a fear of being seen and being powerful or successful, which holds them back from being the leaders we crave. Lola shares ways to stop fearing success as an empath and embrace the gifts of sensitivity.

Podcast Love

Lola is one of those people whose heart translates well across the internet via her site and her writing.

But hearing her speak on her podcast is a special kind of magic. I got shivers as I listened to several episodes while driving. I felt so much resonance.

— Miz_kitty

Client Love

I appreciate Lola’s energy and approach to working with we empathetic folk.

When Lola referred to an empath’s boundaries as “permeable”, I was like, “YAS QUEEN preach it!” because I, too, have used that metaphor to describe boundaries, and what it’s like to be a sensitive being that gets drained and taken advantage of.

It feels good to be seen, heard, understood.”

— Karen Vanek