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The Wild Messengers

Channeling more than a decade of spiritual mentorship and deep work with Animal Guides, the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot deck and guidebook is a fresh take on tarot as a tool for empowerment.

“This shimmering rainbow beauty is an intuitive powerhouse and a true wonder to behold. With its unique format, this deck is sure to be the next generation of modern tarot. This deck is suitable for any level of experience – this could be you first tarot deck, or the latest in your collection. If you’re only going to buy one deck in 2019, this is the one! You can only experience the full depth of its beauty in person.” ~ Luna Celeste Tarot

From Strangers to Soulmates

We are an unlikely love story; strangers who met online amidst a sea of ill-fitting options. But, our connection was immediate. A lightning bolt of resonance ricocheted between us and a long-locked door of poetry burst open as we curiously explored each other.

“I have always admired people who write moving and relatable poetry. They’ve found a way to convey many feelings with few words.” ~ Leos Love Harder

I began working with Lola in depth after 5-6 months of regular therapy. I feel like it’s allowed for greater ‘work’ in therapy sessions because it makes the therapy user friendly – I can “see” what the therapy is trying to say/bringing up and Lola’s guidance gives me the tools to do what’s necessary. If you’re thinking of working with Lola, Do NOT hesitate. If you have even a small yes inside, listen and follow… its only the beginning of the good that will come!
Genna B.