Retreat & Training for Empaths

Are you a burned out,
ritual-craving Empath?

Come restore your nervous system & befriend your power through ceremonial magic, ritual healing, and playful adventure.

Costa Rica
April 10-17, 2021

Your ears ring with wild night music as you close your eyes and remember the day’s unfolding. You’ve left your familiar patterns and surroundings to explore two kinds of jungle; one being Costa Rica’s rainforest and the other? The deep, unexplored wisdom that lives at the very core of your being… Your soul self.

Video courtesy of our host, AHKí Retreat Center.

You float on the warm moonlit ocean, feeling held and learning to hold yourself.

You return to your center after years of distraction and self-doubt.

You’re finally showing up for yourself (instead of everyone but you).

On this retreat, you’ll learn the art of holding space—beginning with yourself.

You’ll be participating in, co-creating, and even facilitating powerful ceremonies and healing rituals designed to repair and restore your depleted nervous system.

Return home with the confidence, clarity, and courage to BE yourself and own your gifts, fully.

Feeling a sigh in your SOUL?

This is not a retreat where you leave behind your learnings as you re-integrate with daily life. This is a transformational experience; the impact of which will continue to play out in your everyday for years to come.

You’ll be radically restoring your nervous system and learning facilitation skills which will benefit everyone you impact: including your family, friends, and clients.

You identify as an empath, feel depleted and drained by other people’s energy, and deeply desire to re-connect with the heart of the world AND your own sovereign soul.

You’re a healer, coach, counselor, teacher, or mentor (or would like to become one as a well-paid calling).

You’re drawn to visionary medicine work, but only if the space is held with deep integrity.

You believe inclusion is healing. All gender identities, ethnicities, and spiritual paths are encouraged, included, and welcome.

wellness retreat friends
Amplify the value, depth, and impact of your work by learning:
  • Trauma-informed support skills
  • Neuroscience-based somatic healing techniques
  • Dosing and safety essentials for medicine work
  • Interpretation and navigation of non-ordinary reality
  • Resources for ancestral healing
  • Herbal allies for the nervous system
  • The art of pricing your offerings
  • Your personal medicine song
  • How to have FUN again!
…All while reveling in one of the most beautiful settings in the world:
the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica!

For 7 days and 7 nights, we will reside at the beautiful AHKí Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica. It is a place built specifically for the purpose of mental, spiritual, and physical healing by honoring and incorporating the principles of Vastu. This is a place of raw, potent, wild beauty; and you will be immersed in it – from the cabina you sleep in, to the open air of the ceremonial space.

If Medicine Work has been calling you, you’ll have the option to participate in up to 3 ceremonies with visionary (and nervous system healing) mushroom medicine during your stay. All interested applicants will be pre-screened to ensure a safe experience for everyone. There will be ample time for integration, rest, journaling, group sharing, and playful transformation work.

What’s Included:

ahki retreat center pool hotel costa rica
ahki retreat center organic vegetarian food costa rica
ahki retreat center shala costa rica
  • All accommodations at AHKí Retreat Center – which will be hosting ONLY our group during our stay. Accommodations are shared (3 guests per suite). Private rooms are available as an optional upgrade.
  • Local group transportation during the retreat, including airport pickup and drop-off
  • Playful surprises and outdoor adventures
  • 3 gourmet, organic vegetarian meals per day (fish or chicken available to purchase)
  • Expertly facilitated soul work, walks, conversations, and group sharing circles
  • 3 medicine ceremonies for heart-opening, boundary work, and expanded vision (with cacao and psilocybin mushrooms)
  • Medicine ceremony preparation and mentoring: You will receive extensive dietary and other guidance prior to our retreat to help you maximize your experience
  • Group bonding before departure: We will all meet as a group by video to set intentions, answer questions, and connect with each other.
  • Integration support: Upon re-entry into daily life, we will connect with you for a personal conversation regarding common re-integration challenges and to help you continue to benefit from this experience long-term
  • All guests will receive a facilitation handbook to take home and further support your work

What’s NOT included?

  • Roundtrip airfare to Liberia Airport (LIR), Costa Rica
  • Insurance: Personal, Medical, or Trip Cancellation insurance
  • Personal souvenirs and any additional shopping you would like to do
  • Spa treatments (cash-only at the retreat center)
  • Alcoholic beverages (cash-only at the retreat center)
  • A Magic Bullet (hint… there aren’t any!)
  • Superiority/Inferiority complexes (leave it at home, or better yet, chuck it permanently!)

Feeling the call to Join?

Lola & Tigre Pickett

Lola and Tigre (a husband and wife team) have been leading international and U.S. wellness retreats for more than six years. They have facilitated more than 100 medicine ceremonies and rituals, and bring trained perspectives from their teachers in Perú and México as well as their ancestral European lineages.

Their retreats offer a uniquely potent blend of practical science-backed guidance, laser coaching, and mystical vision—along with a heaping dose of fun!

(Neural pathways are much easier to transform though play.)

When they aren’t leading retreats for private clients, teams, and groups, Lola and Tigre run their full-time online business, produce the Empath to Power podcast, and partially homeschool their two awesome kids.

lola tigre pickett retreat guides

My bags are PACKED!

What’s the investment & how do I apply?

Your Investment is $5500

deposit of only $500 confirms your space upon submission of your application

Payment Due Dates
  • 50% of the total balance is due December 31, 2020
  • Remaining balance is due  March 1, 2021

Need to do a monthly payment plan? No worries, reach out to us personally to arrange that!

How to Apply

Visit the application page and fill in your information.*

*Once you apply, you’ll be prompted to send in your deposit and schedule a brief 30-minute Q+A call. During our chat, we’ll address any questions you have! We will happily refund (or transfer) your deposit within 48 hours of our call if you change your mind! ?

What should I pack?

All retreat guests will be provided with specific packing recommendations, but some general guidelines are:

  • Pack lightly and bring multi-purpose layers that are moisture-wicking
  • We will be in the jungle, which will be humid and hot, with temperatures in the 80s and 90s (F)
  • Bring a journal, audio-recorder, GoPro®, or other device for recording your thoughts. Analog sketchbook style books can be immensely valuable during a journey like this.
  • Your (current) passport and a photocopy of it in case the original gets misplaced
  • Trail running or hiking shoes
  • Lightweight, breathable rain jacket
  • A headlamp with a red-light setting
  • A swimsuit

More information to follow for those who will be joining us!

Is there a Diet to prepare for Psilocybin?

There is no strict “diet” or dieta protocol for working with Psilocybin mushrooms. We will be recommending a light dietary “cleanse” of reduced sugars and refined grains prior to departure as a way of preparing the mind and body for the work ahead.

There are some contra-indications for certain prescriptions and supplements. Please specify any medication and supplements you are taking on your application form so that we can be sure you are as safe as possible.

Any and all other food restrictions and/or fasting (such as no alcohol 24 hours prior to ceremony and fasting for 4-6 hours prior) will be facilitated while we are on the retreat, on the days that our ceremonies will take place.

Costa Rican Money

The currency in Costa Rica is “Colones”, and the current exchange rate averages between $1.75-$2.00 USD for every 1,000 Colones.

It is highly recommended to pull out USD cash from your bank prior to travel. You can also withdraw at the airport upon your arrival into Liberia (LIR).

You will want to have some cash for incidentals, souvenirs, and any spa treatments or extras you purchase at our retreat center (they accept US dollars but do NOT accept credit card payment on-site).

Be aware that when using ATMs, fees are often higher for foreign cards, and your bank may also charge an international-use fee each time you use your card. Also, it should be noted that while some (usually high-end) businesses in cities will accept credit and debit cards, they may also add a 5-7% surcharge to your bill.

We will help guide you regarding ? recommendations as a part of our private WhatsApp group.


A note on the

It is extremely common to experience INTENSE resistance once you say YES (or even maybe) to an experience like this.

When you submit your application, you may experience feelings of elation, anticipation, nervousness, or even deep seated fear, unworthiness, or other more shadowy reactions. You could even feel all of that at once!

This is normal and is no indication of your readiness or “fit” for this journey.

When we take active steps toward our own positive evolution, our egos create any number of stories, fears, anxieties, and concerns in order to keep us “safe”. This is our ancient reptilian brain in action, and it’s a lovely thing – really! How amazing that we each have this internal, protective voice that doesn’t want us to experience harm?!

You might hear things in your own mind like:

  • I don’t have what it takes
  • I am not cool enough or strong enough to take this journey
  • The group isn’t going to like me
  • I don’t deserve this kind of trip
  • Who am I to do this kind of thing?
  • I am not worthy of being treated with this level of love and respect
  • It sounds too good to be true
  • If I indicate interest and then don’t end up signing up, I will be judged negatively
  • I am afraid that I’ll come back a totally different person
In medicine work, this is known as the “pre-purge” and is a sign that the transformation has already begun.

Your deepest resistances, fears, and shadows are coming to light for the purpose of healing; so that you can begin to live a new story.

So, rather than this being a sign that you are not meant to go, it may in fact be a sign that you are a strong candidate for the work… That the medicine (both from your own commitment and investment AND from the Psilocybin Spirits) has chosen you and is already helping create positive change.

The path to evolution isn’t all rainbows ️‍? and unicorns ?… but it IS an absolutely ecstatic journey. And we can assure you that YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Just by being here and considering doing this with us, you are held in deep reverence, love, and respect.

Can you lean into trust that you are safe? That you are worthy of this kind of loving support? That you are worth investing in?

This retreat is a lived experience of ENOUGHNESS. Come as you are. Nothing of true value can be taken from you or be lost. You will return to your daily life as MORE of who you innately are.

We are also creating a strong group container for this trip: we will connect as a group by video prior to departure so that you have a chance to meet each other, get a feel for each other’s energies, and allay any concerns that you are going to somehow be the “uncool kid”. We are a merry band of misfits ? If you resonate with everything you have read here and are brave enough to send in the application…

You will fit right in. I promise. ?