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Everything you want to have and do begins with WHO you are.

No strategy, toolset, decision, or formula will bring lasting results without a core shift in your identity.

My work is a unique synthesis of training and techniques to help you not only reclaim your core self, but undo the conditioning that keeps you from LIVING as that being.

Together, we’ll bridge the practical worlds of neuroscience, psychology, and coaching with the esoteric realms of energy, vision, intuition, Spirit, and soul. When we align your cosmic and material realities, the potential for positive, lasting change is exponential.

To satisfy your rational mind, I offer straight-forward, trained guidance around living as a highly sensitive person & empath. I know the transformation path backward and forward and can quickly isolate which phase you’re in, helping you navigate it well (and prepare for what’s coming next).

For your witchy/woo side, I bring the healing power of sound, potent energy healing, ancestral work, and spiritual counsel to the table.

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There are 2 options to work together one-on-one:
one on one coaching mentoring lola jen macniven

Edge-Walking 3-day Private Immersion

You’ll arrive to San Diego Airport and arrange to arrive in time for a luscious lunch together at my healing sanctuary (aka HOME). Together, we’ll dive into your intentions and clarify your desires for loving, crystal-clear support. In the evening, we’ll enter into ceremony, calling upon the tools of my ancestors and the wisdom of your lineage to guide us in creating a powerful healing experience. Consider this an initiation into your truest way of BEing.

The following day is about integration and implementation. What, and more importantly, WHO was revealed in your ceremony? We’ll spend the entire day co-working and strategizing about how to restructure your life to match the being you are inside. Put my magic with wyrdwork (aka copywriting), negotiation (communication), and vision (clarity) to use in your life, business, relationship, or any other areas which would clearly benefit from whip smart, grounded, soulful guidance.

You’ll spend one more night in our sanctuary, and depart after we’ve fully mapped your new decision-making process, rooted in your new-old identity. Return home with more insight, confidence, and courage than you can currently imagine.

You’re in charge of your transportation to and from SAN (San Diego) or SNA (Orange County) Airport; we’ll arrange for pick-up/drop-off there. All meals and accommodations are included for your stay.

Investment: $5,000

Ancestral Alchemy Private Coaching

High-performance identity coaching happens best when you commit. The moment you say YES is the moment your life begins to radically change.

I take my clients through a powerful process that unfolds over 6 months. During that time, we meet 3x per month for up to 90 minutes a session. After your session, I’ll send you immediately actionable, simple homework as well as a recording + recap of session highlights, insights, and encouragement. If needed, you receive interim weekday support by text and email.

The content of your coaching sessions will be custom-designed for you, marrying your desired changes with my arsenal of both practical and esoteric tools and experience.

For my highest-level package, as our journey together nears completion we will travel on a 5-day, 4-night alchemical adventure somewhere in the world – all expenses (aside from your airfare) included. Adventures thus far have included soul lineage work in Paris, Scotland, Santa Fe, and Rome. What will yours be?

Your investment for this level of support is five figures. More details about pricing and payment plans available for those who apply.

Upon receiving your application, we’ll reach out for a consultation to ensure a good mutual fit.

Investment: TBD

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I began working with Lola in depth after 5-6 months of regular therapy. I feel like it’s allowed for greater ‘work’ in therapy sessions because it makes the therapy user friendly – I can “see” what the therapy is trying to say/bringing up and Lola’s guidance gives me the tools to do what’s necessary.

If you’re thinking of working with Lola, Do NOT hesitate. If you have even a small yes inside, listen and follow… its only the beginning of the good that will come!

Genna B.