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Lessons from Joshua Tree

Lola Medicine Keeper, Magnet for Life Lessons

If you want to make a big impact, you have to be willing to be BIG.

We are at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego to see U2 on tour for Joshua Tree… it’s my first arena show. Usually, my style is more indie-band-in-intimate-venue, but we were gifted tickets and U2 was the soundtrack to my late teens and early 20s… so I know it will be a fun night with lots of scream-singing.

The crowd mills about, the tension of waiting amplifies after the last echoes of Beck’s opening set die off and the lights come back up. The stage setup gets torn down. The space becomes unadorned with the exception of a curved wide multimedia screen and two simple setups for U2’s instruments. A giant Joshua Tree silhouette presides over the space, quietly.

Slowly, poetry and essays on America, racism, equality, devotion, presence scroll by in black and white on the 30 foot high screen in front of us. Diverse words from Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, Carl Sandburg, George Elliott Clarke, Joan Crate, Shirley Geok-Lin-Lim, Yusef Komunyakaa, and others spark a heart opening rally against intolerance.

Words meant to stir us to create the America we perhaps intended to create, but haven’t (yet).

Words like these…

Because we rage inside
the old boundaries,
like a young girl leaving the Church,
scared of her parents.
Because we all dream of saving
the shaggy, dung-caked buffalo,
shielding the herd with our bodies.
Because grief unites us,
like the locked antlers of moose
who die on their knees in pairs.
“Why We are Truly A Nation” by William Matthews.

The crowd is entraining to each other… The tension builds. The lights go out and our voices rise.

This could be dangerous if done with bad intention, I think to myself… It has been. I feel my heart tune into the hearts around me, because that’s what happens when you and 40,000 other people gather to share a wavelength.

The opening beat of Sunday Bloody Sunday pulses… and for the next 90 minutes, we are gripped by the energy of non-violent revolution.

The band has very little flash. There are some incredible multimedia visual effects that offer dimension to the experience, but it’s clear that, after all these years, U2 is quite confident in their power.

They have nothing to prove.

They risk making political statements that are CLEARLY in dissent against our current president.

They are taking a stand for connection and sovereignty, regardless of race.

They charge what they charge to access their energy and this experience.

They easily command an arena-sized space, bringing it to silence or completely unleashed voices in moments.

They have nothing to lose.

They are willing to lose people when they speak their truth. (Clearly evidenced as people walked out mid-show after the band went a bit more political with their messaging and imagery.)

What if more and more of us, especially those of us who are empaths, healers, mentors, and magic-makers, were willing to stand in our power this way NOW? Without the fame, perhaps without abundant financial security… without wearing masks of what we think that should look like?

What if we took a lesson from Bono and just fucking OWNED IT?

How might it look TODAY—in your everyday life—to own your power?

  • Saying NO without overly explaining why [whatever it is] is not happening.
  • Saying YES and then fully investing time, energy, presence, and intention into [that].
  • Voicing a truth, even if it makes you or others uncomfortable (especially in the moment, when you feel it deep inside you).
  • Daring to offer your work to the work in a VISIBLE way.
  • Honoring the caliber of your work with the structures you build to support it – such as your website, your offerings, your pricing, your messaging, your presence.
  • Humbling yourself to maintain a beginner’s mind and trust that you do not need to know it all.
  • Being willing to be WEIRD, to be judged, to be misunderstood, to be rejected.
  • Wearing whateverthefuck you want because it feels gooooooood when you put it on.
  • Taking responsibility for the impact of your choices, on yourself and others.
  • Looking at your wounding, traumas, shadows, and begin opening to their wisdom. (Not sure where to start? Look at your jealousy and envy and what they are about – these are signposts that point to wounding,)

THIS is what I mean by “being BIG.” It’s not about the “size” of your life, but rather, the integrity of it.

How does even one day in that energy sound to you?

Good? Scary? Unattainable? This is your one wild and precious life, love.

There is no time like the present to show up for yourself. (There is actually no time BUT the present).

The time is now. Literally.

You are meant to find your power, and it’s simpler and more efficient to do so when you are supported.

We have supported thousands of people like you in their journey h.o.m.e. It would be an honor to walk this path with you.

Thanks U2, for an immersive and empowering evening.


  1. I watched Joshua Tree in 1987. A most incredible, heartbreaking album for an 18 yr old to hear and a life changing concert to attend.

    Today I’m 48 yrs old and the message is reaching a new, younger audience and it us still relevant, still poignant, still true.

    Now That is heartbreaking 

  2. Absolutely lovely and powerful.  Thank you for being out there, sharing, asking the questions and more.