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Unwrap the Gift of Jealousy

A dream helped me heal a lifetime(s) long pattern around jealousy of other women. What happened when I took control of a nightmare? Read on, perhaps there is jealousy medicine for you to drink in…

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How Our Sacred Marriage Came to Be

Everyone is a garden; and relationships, like gardens, thrive best when they are tended to with love, attentive pruning, and boundaries. Our Sacred Marriage is a lot like a garden – it would not be thriving without death, decay, and getting dirty.

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Why Happily Ever After is a Lie

We have numerous examples of happily ever after to aim for (mostly fictional) and then we struggle to create it because no one is teaching us how. Here’s what to aim at creating instead…

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Elevate Your Being



Your presence inspires me... as do the words that you share on your podcast, your website, all the different touch points you choose to reach others with. It has allowed me to start weaving the narrative of what I desire to create. Your courage gives me courage. Your vibration dances with mine. Your work still carries me forward with its potency. This is excellence.




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