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Organic Banana Tea for Sleep and Dreaming

Is insomnia, an active mind, or frayed nerves keeping you from sleep? This Organic Banana Tea Recipe will help soothe your nerves and allow you to drift to sleep. Easy to make with a few herbs and spices.

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Mother Nature is Pissed

Or is she? Is what’s happening in our world (hurricanes, earthquakes, raging fires) totally our fault, or is there something else going on?

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Recipe: Shamanic Coffee with Maca and Cacao

Depending on who you ask, coffee is a poison or a potion… a healing elixir or a drug of choice. I, for one, believe in moderation. To me, good coffee is great medicine. Read on and make your own delicious cuppa Shamanic coffee with our killer recipe.

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10 Steps for Post Ceremony Reintegration

After attending a sacred gathering, medicine ceremony, or any type of deeply spiritual/shamanic work, it can be challenging to re-integrate back into daily “normal” life. Read on to learn some practical tools for exactly HOW to step back into your life.

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Elevate Your Being

Your presence inspires me... as do the words that you share on your podcast, your website, all the different touch points you choose to reach others with. It has allowed me to start weaving the narrative of what I desire to create. Your courage gives me courage. Your vibration dances with mine. Your work still carries me forward with its potency. This is excellence.


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