Social Media and Empaths

Learn the nervous system-based secrets on why empaths get addicted to social media (and stop numbing your way out of reaching YOUR goals, too).

Why Empaths are Easy to Gaslight

Why are Empaths so Easy to Gaslight?

Empaths are notoriously drawn to unhealthy narcissists (in friendships, partnerships, and in family dynamics). But, what makes empaths so vulnerable to narcissistic techniques like gaslighting and derailment? Is there more to this toxic entanglement than meets the eye?

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Interior Design for Empaths

Interior design has a HUGE impact on your daily life as an empath… There are a few simple things you can do with your living space that will actually help you preserve your energy, process your emotions, and return to center.

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Which Witch Are You?

There are many different kinds of witches… Knowing the kind of witch YOU are opens a portal into self-discovery, empowerment, and unlocks your spiritual gifts. Let’s explore a few types of Witches to see which witch you are!

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4 Books for Exploring European Shamanism

Interested in exploring European Shamanism? These four books will help you learn more about the indigenous (pre-colonial) Celtic, Saxon, Germanic, and Norse spiritual traditions. As we’ve unraveled our own ancestral shame and begun to heal our lineage, these books have become important guides.

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Ancestral Healing for Racism

What could an ancestral altar have to do with racism? Not much, it seems at first glance. But, I have a working theory that unequivocally connects them… Come explore how ancestral healing can help us re-humanize marginalized populations by humanizing our own past.

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Ancestors, Heal My Heart

If you feel shame about your heritage as a white person, then ancestral healing can help you embrace your skin AND reconnect to your spiritual roots. Are you ready to shift from cultural appropriation to ancestral honoring? Come join me on a journey of exploring our roots…

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