Best Houseplants for Supporting Healthy Boundaries

Meet My Favorite Houseplants for Empaths!

Lola Pickett, Empath Coach

Houseplants are an empath’s best friend!

And there are great reasons for that! It goes beyond having a beautiful, jungalow-esque space. Houseplants can actually HELP empaths like us manage our sensitivities

If you’re ready to boost your boundaries with beauty and balance, keep reading dear friend… I’m going to share with you my top tips PLUS the absolute best houseplants for empaths!

1 | Houseplants make GREAT boundaries

Empaths notoriously struggle with boundaries, and one of the hardest places to set (and keep) those boundaries is at work. But, did you know… a few houseplants in your cubicle can make ALL the difference! Put a few potted succulents and cacti on your desk. Not only will they help your space feel fresher, but they’ll also do an incredible job of reminding you that, sometimes… it’s okay to protect yourself by standing up for your needs. Thank YOU, cactus spines… Defender of empaths everywhere!

2 | Houseplants help you breathe

Do you ever get knocked off your center? Only empaths and highly sensitive people truly get this ‘feeling’. Often we find ourselves dealing with crippling anxiety, and it’s extremely hard to separate what we are feeling vs. other people’s ‘stuff’ (the stuff that we’ve picked up). One of the best ways to deal with anxious moments is to practice breathing, mindfully. And, with houseplants nearby, you get the added benefit of inhaling cleaner and clearer air. Our inhales are actually the plants’ exhales, and vice versa. Breathing with our plant friends can help us get grounded, and fast!

3 | Houseplants bring the outdoors IN

Another INCREDIBLE remedy for overwhelmed empaths is nature! But, what do you do when the weather just isn’t cooperating, or wild(er) spaces are too far away to easily get to? Indoor plants are a great solution! You can tend to their their leaves, dip your fingertips into their soil, or even smell their blossoms and be instantly transported to a more peaceful state. Personally, when I water and feed my plants, I love envisioning sending any overwhelm, anxiety, or excess emotional energy down into the dirt with the water; where it can become food for the roots.

The best houseplants for creating boundaries (IMHO)…

PRO TIPS: Mix a variety of succulents, cacti, and evergreen plants. Vary the heights so they work well together, visually – creating a stronger energetic boundary too… Plus, aim for a combination of taller/leafier plants with smaller succulents and cacti. I’ve listed some of my favorite indoor plant friends below:

Fiddle Leaf Fig
Ficus lyrata

Low-light loving cacti

Snake Plant
Sansevieria zeylanica

Philodendron monstera

Do you have your own favorite houseplants that you use to create boundaries? Better yet, are you a lover of houseplants, gardening, nature? Now you know why!

I’d love to hear from you…. share with me everything you love about your plants; favorites or experiences? Or maybe you have questions or suggestions you’d like about which houseplants can help with the boundaries YOU are struggling with the most?

Leave a comment below and let me know!