FREE your being.

You don’t have to compromise yourself to be “successful”.

If you DO, whatever success you attain will feel empty; leaving you hungry for more achievement, more money, more stuff, more validation… Sound familiar?

Don’t be embarrassed – this is more common than you might think.

The trick to feeling TRULY satisfied and empowered (and therefore, generous) is uncovering who “you” really are and living in integrity with yourself.

AND… that’s complicated. Because, you’re soooooooo much more than your name, your identity, your background, or the roles you play.

You aren’t who you THINK you are.

You’re a multitude of personalities and patterns, a universe of beings, a village of ancestors, a living history museum. You’re a song… a poem… You are blood and bones and oceans of emotion. You are magic, embodied.

So the command to “know thyself” isn’t as simple as it seems. I prefer “DEFINE thyself”. Then you can clearly see where you are and aren’t in integrity. That’s when things CHANGE at the identity level, which radically and sustainably shifts your behavior, for good.

You’re who you DECIDE to be.

THAT ^ is my particular zone of genius. I help you see and BE the you beyond “you” – and your life won’t ever be the same because of it.

This is what freedom of being is: you, living a life you’re proud of at every level.
Plus, your ripple effect gets amplified.

…Because I know you’re not here to only improve your own life. If you resonate with what I share, then I’m certain that your heart is HUGE and you want to make a positive impact in our world.

Not only does this work make your life better; together, we’ll uplift your entire village. Your personal liberation is an invitation to rise… For your children, your friends, your partner(s), your colleagues… for everyone you will ever interface with. I am here to serve your lineage and legacy backward and forward through time.

Let’s begin.

How do I possibly put into scrunchy, limiting *WORDS* what crossing paths with Lola has done to my world??

The journey I’ve been on since the moment I pulled up this webpage and read that first blog… All the feels, the ah-has, the laughter, the tears, the energy shift with her “simple” witnessing and presence, the challenges, the nudges, the invitations, the hugs, the nurturing, the strength and serenity, the dancing, the dreaming, the WORKING TOGETHER side by side…

It’s all lead to the TOTAL and COMPLETE shift of my life as I knew it.

TerriLynn P.

LMT, Owner, Esoteria




Elevate Your Being