Courage & Purpose

for kind, sensitive badasses
(just like you)

Hello, love. I’m Lola Pickett: a cosplay-wearing empath who also happens to be a visionary business leader, neurobiology researcher, transformation strategist, clinical herbalist, and mama of two. I’m a multi-passionate misfit & I soundly reject the status quo. I’ve been put here on earth to help kind-hearted leaders (like you) break out of their boxes, step into their power, and live their purpose.

In an overwhelming world that’s hell bent on defining you as too much or too sensitive,”
I’m here to remind you that…

you already have what it takes to succeed, lead, and be free.


Don't let emotions and energy get the best of you
(yours OR anyone else's).

Change your frequency in under 10 minutes
with this powerful guided meditation.

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My second favorite number ?

Had I not created my own world,
I would certainly have died
in other people’s.



Articles, resources, and insights for empaths and highly sensitive leaders.


Build your courage muscles with support and skills—so you can live your purpose with confidence and grace.

Good Lord, Woman. Your work is what I’ve been asking for for YEARS! Literally, years. Healers didn’t know. My therapist didn’t know. Life coaches didn’t know.
I feel like, for the first time in my life, I am FINALLY being taught how to be a great human. Your work is simply exquisite.



Empathology™ is an 8–week transformational coaching program & training course for Empaths, highly sensitive people (HSPs), and people who try to fit in the proverbial box—but don’t.

Designed to facilitate lasting, positive changes with almost three hundred lives touched—for the better—Empathology™ is a safe space to truly be you and learn what your kind, sensitive and badass heart and soul are yearning for.

This life-changing progam is where you develop the emotional resilience, badass boundaries, and radiant confidence to shine your light and take back your power.

Wield your sensitivity
like the superpower it is.