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Everything you create in your life is based on your identity.

Does that mean you “attract” all your pain, difficulty, and drama? No. But how you define yourself is what decides how you handle those things, and… most importantly, where you go because of them.

Hey! I’m Lola Pickett. I’ve been guiding womxn from identity crisis to personal power (full-time) since 2011.

I know first hand… It’s not about your circumstances or job title or bank balance. It’s not about having the perfect tools, the right outfit, or an amazing relationship. Unfortunately, these “accessories” won’t turn you into your higher self.

BUT, when you heal your self-perception, these things become vehicles to express who you already are. And, you can finally create the life you’ve dreamed of. Really.

Are you ready? Explore this site and reclaim yourself with me.

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Bravely Express Yourself

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Words of Praise:

How do I possibly put into scrunchy, limiting *WORDS* what crossing paths with Lola has done to my world??

…All the feels, the ah-has, the laughter, the tears, the energy shift with her “simple” witnessing and presence, the challenges, the nudges, the invitations, the hugs, the nurturing, the strength and serenity, the dancing, the dreaming, the WORKING TOGETHER side by side…

It’s all lead to the TOTAL and COMPLETE shift of my life as I knew it. TerriLynn P.

LMT, Breathwork Facilitator, Esoteria

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About Lola

Lola Pickett is a high-performance identity coach, working with (female and female-identifying) womxn ready to build a life that’s beyond “good on paper”. Lola’s been described as bulletproof coffee meets medicine woman, so prepare to be invigorated and deeply seen!

Since a personal awakening in 2011, she’s served thousands of clients as they navigate the turbulent waters of listening to their souls, remembering their intuitive gifts, and living an aligned life. Read her full journey from deadened-new-mom-slash-corporate-robot to high-powered spiritual business woman HERE.




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