Lola Pickett

noun | lólə pɪ́kɛt

Mentor + Spiritual Guide for Empaths, Highly Sensitive People & Recovering People Pleasers who are ready to step into their power.

See also: author, herbalist, medicine woman, oracle, witch

Hey, I’m Lola.

Hello love, it’s so wonderful to connect with you. I’m a high-performance reinvention coach, working with Empaths who are ready to stop people pleasing and end their emotional and energetic overwhelm. I’m also a clinical herbalist, a published poet, the co-creator of the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot (and guidebook author), and host of the forthcoming Empath to Power podcast.

In this little corner of the Web, I share many tools, articles, and inspirational content to help you live a more true-to-you life. This work has VERY practical results – including better sleep, more satisfying sex, an upward career trajectory, lower anxiety, and improved relationships.

“How do I possibly put into scrunchy, limiting *WORDS* what crossing paths with Lola has done to my world? All the feels, the ah-has, the laughter, the tears, the energy shift with her “simple” witnessing and presence, the challenges, the nudges, the invitations, the hugs, the nurturing, the strength and serenity, the dancing, the dreaming, the WORKING TOGETHER side by side…

It’s all lead to the TOTAL and COMPLETE shift of my life as I knew it.”


Are you an Empath who is ready to get off the financial and emotional roller coasters?

Then you’re in the right place, my friend. Let’s get to know each other! Please join my email community by subscribing below. People also report that listening to episodes of my first podcast This Wild Life has totally shifted their perspective; in some cases saving their marriage, empowering their ability to heal themselves, or begin to experience every day magic.

May we have a long, fruitful, and beneficial journey together—for the best and highest good of all beings.

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